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Heart Across America: Sean Maloney’s Inaugural Ride across America for Stroke and Heart Disease Awareness

Dear Customers and Friends,

Meet Sean Maloney: Ex-Intel executive. Father. Stroke survivor.  In 2010 Sean suffered a debilitating stroke, losing the motor skills on the right side of his body and the ability to talk.  Having worked hard to regain those skills, he now wants to help others reduce their risk of stroke. On March 22nd he set off on a cross-country cycling ride, biking from Palo Alto to New York, to raise awareness about what people can do to be healthy, learn about stroke and heart disease, and get the regular screenings they need.  Two weeks into the ride, he hit a major bump and suffered a bad fall, but will not be sidelined for long—and, with his team, the ride continues!

80% of strokes and heart attacks are preventable—with a carotid artery screening using an ultrasound machine like our cQuest Cicada™ system

There are 700,000 strokes a year in the United States with an estimated 500,000 that could be prevented using this simple, quick and painless procedure. Together with Sean, we developed a video that shows just how easy and informative this procedure is.  It shows our sonographer scanning Sean’s carotid artery using our 64-channel Cicada device.

To learn more about Heart Across America, visit http://www.heartacrossamerica.org/

Richard Tobias

CEO & President